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Local food pantry finds new home

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- A miracle for a Grand Forks food pantry forced to shut its doors. 

One hundred people depend on the Store House food pantry, visiting every week for food.

It shut down last months after 10 years, because the church it was housed in sold the space.

After a community-wide plea for help, Hope Church has announced it will partner with Store House, planning to open back up after July 1 at the Grand Cities Mall.

"This is one of those steps that God placed in our lap. We didn't plan on this right now, but he gave it to us and we're ready to roll with so it's exciting," Paul Knight, Hope Church.

"If something didn't show up by the end of the summer, then my husband and I were going to retire and let somebody else take the burden on. I guess we got my answer from God that we're not done," Brenda Birkholz, food pantry manager.

The days when the food pantry will be open will be decided soon.