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Gem of the Week: 100-year-old Maid of Honor

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CROOKSTON, MN (WDAZ)—It was a wedding to remember for an Argyle native and his new bride.

As the couple plans to return home in Arizona, the focus is not on the bride or groom, but the couple's maid of honor...our gem of the week.

Newlyweds Darrell and Gia Peterson shared one last family meal before heading back home to begin life as the new Mr. and Mrs.

“It’s just wonderful to have a loving companion—someone that cares for you and you care for them. That’s all I can say,” said Darrell Peterson.

For Gia, the road to the aisle was all about persistence.

“We were thinking to marry 14 years ago, yet the ring never came. I even bought my wedding suit 14 years ago,” said Gia.

The couple’s love story actually started 2 decades ago.

This is both of their second marriage.

“Something you don’t think would happen again,” said Gia.

And they were ready to tie the knot in a city known for its wild weddings.

“We were going to get married in Vegas,” said Darrell.

But wedding bliss would need to come soon—and much closer to home in Argyle.

“Mom got sick, and we decided to get married where mom could go to the wedding,” said Darrell.

Darrell’s mom, Rosalie, is suffering from an infection. They’re not sure how much longer Rosalie has to live, but at the age of 100, Rosalie was given a job she has never had.

“We decided to have mom as our Maid of Honor. She’s Gia’s Maid of Honor,” said Darrell.

Rosalie had never had the opportunity to be a maid of honor, or even a bridesmaid.

“First time for everything after 100 years,” said Rosalie.

She said yes, even though she wasn’t sure she was right for the job.

“I thought, ‘I can’t do that,’ I thought they could get someone else. I thought I was kinda old,” said Rosalie.

“She was so happy, so beautiful,” said Gia.

“I just got kinda nervous at first,” said Rosalie.

Not only did Rosalie have the most important job at the wedding—she provided the symbol of love.

“I feel so special, having his mom’s ring. She had it on her finger for 80 years—and to give it to me? Very special,” said Gia.

Rosalie was married for 65 years, a widow now for more than a decade.

“We didn’t have electricity or anything like that when we first got married—no water in the house either—but we were happy,” said Rosalie.

Rosalie had never taken off her ring, until giving it to her son and her new daughter.

“Darrell was my baby, and I just wanted to see that they got it—it was just one of my wishes that they have my diamond,” said Rosalie.

A wedding not only about the bride and groom, but to honor a 100-year-old who knows a little something about true love.

“She’s a wonderful lady. She’s beautiful, she’s wonderful, and real caring. She’ll do anything for you,” said Gia.

“It was great, and they were all so good to me,” said Rosalie.

Darrell and Gia plan to visit her family in Guadalajara for their honeymoon.