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A warning from a local woman to buyers

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)—A local woman is warning buyers to check what’s inside boxes before making a purchase.

“I worked all summer to get a bigger TV, but I thought it would be perfect right there,” said local shopper, Dolores Villanueva.

Less than two weeks ago, Dolores Villanueva and her family bought what they thought to be a new 55 inch flat screen.

“We like to watch the Vikings, and nothing’s better than a bigger TV to watch it on,” said Villanueva.

What they weren’t expecting was a different TV with a large crack.

Villanueva and her husband both tried to take the cracked TV back to the Walmart on 32nd Avenue in Grand Forks, where they purchased the big screen.

“It’s not about the money—it’s that they think we are thieves, and we are not—that’s not what we are,” said Villanueva.

Even with the receipt, store managers refused, saying the serial number on the TV and box were different, and the company’s policy won’t allow a return.

“I’m watching a box for 400 and something dollars. I paid for the box, and it’s a mighty expensive box,” said Villanueva.

WDAZ reporter Kenneth Chase went to Walmart on Tuesday and managers at the store told him the same thing they had said to Villanueva—that they were following company policy and could not give her a refund.

Chase went online and sent an email to Walmart Corporate offices in Arkansas.

Within an hour, they returned Chase’s calls, saying they agreed to exchange the TV.

Villanueva plans to go to the store tomorrow to replace the broken TV.

She says buyers should check their items as soon as they are purchased.

"The box was not damaged. It didn't' look like it had been opened because that's one thing we always check,” said Villanueva.

Another takeaway here; don’t give up if the store doesn’t cooperate—contact cooperate offices and customer service lines if you need help.