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Local law enforcement connect with community kids

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--A couple times a year the Grand Forks Police Department holds "Cops in the community," an event to connect with local adults.

But on Thursday, it had a twist--it was all about community kids.

This morning, the Grand Forks Police Department brought their squad cars--and plenty of popsicles to the park.

The Police were joined by the Grand Forks Fire Department in handing showing their cars, answering questions, and handing out icees.

We talked to one officer about why it's important for police to connect with community kids.

Here's what she had to say.

“We really focus on wanting to build up with relationships with everybody in our community, especially our kids. The younger somebody can learn that we are here as somebody that's safe, somebody that's a friend, the better it is,” said Cpl. Jessica Thorlacius.

Thorlacius says she hopes the department continues to continue this throughout the summer.