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A native of Hallock, Minn., Duck Dynasty star 'Mountain Man' pays a visit to Red River Valley

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FARGO—A reality TV star made a road trip pit stop at WDAY-TV for an exclusive interview Thursday, June 14.

He's called "Mountain Man" and is part of the crew from the "Duck Dynasty" series.

He seems southern through and through, thanks to his long, slow drawl, but Mountain Man may not be as southern as you think.

“I've been made fun of my all my life from Hallock, Minn., Tennessee, Indiana, still in Louisiana," Mountain Man says. "It really don't bother me none.”

He’s a catfish-reeling, camo-wearing bearded man who's actually from Hallock. His real name is Timothy Guraedy. In an interview with WDAY-TV, he showed a picture of his kindergarten class from Hallock.

“Right here, with the big eyes, look like he just got in trouble for something,” said Mountain Man.

And he's back in town all thanks a man named Shane Weleske, also of Hallock, who happens to be the uncle of WDAY-TV anchor Amy Unrau. Shane reached out to Mountain Man a few years ago to rekindle their old friendship and reminisce.

“I'm nervous to say this, but he dared me to shoot his little sister with a BB gun," Mountain Man said.

However, when Unrau's family tells the story, she says Weleske leaves out the part where he instigated the whole thing.

“It's his fault! He knows it, too! He knows it. I'm tell you. Yep!” said Mountain Man.

Besides that fond memory, Mountain Man even recalls a special girl who caught his eye in grade school.

“She was everybody's crush back then. Jodi Lang. Mmhmmm... yep!” Mountain Man said.

Mountain Man spent about six years in Hallock as a child. This week, he's fixin' to go back to his roots. He loaded up his pooch, Bert, for a cross-country road trip. He's making a trek from the bayou all the way to the land of the bitter cold to be part of this weekend's all-school reunion in Hallock.

One of the big events he's excited about during his visit?

“I get to be in the parade, I reckin’!” said Mountain Man.

That just proves you can take the southern man away from Minnesota, but you can't take the Minnesota out of the Mountain Man.

“I think it’s better to grow up in a small town, myself, than a big city. I wouldn't trade it for nothing. Mmhmm!” said Mountain Man.

If you want to meet Mountain Man, he'll be doing a meet-and-greet in Hallock on Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Clark Station.

It's part of a long list of all school reunion activities in town this weekend.

Amy Unrau

Amy is proud to be a Red River Valley native and cover stories that matter to her community. She was raised in Hallock, Minnesota and received her degree at the University of North Dakota where she participated in the student run TV show Studio One. In college, Amy met her husband, WDAY’s Jody Norstedt, while interning at WDAZ in Grand Forks. She started at WDAY in April 2014 and is currently WDAY'Z Xtra News at Nine's anchor and producer. Have a news idea? Amy would love to share your story or investigate an issue you’re concerned about.

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