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Couple survives moose crash

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MANVEL, ND (WDAZ)--A couple was nearly killed as their car hit a moose North of Grand Forks.

The man behind the wheel opened up to WDAZ's Kenneth Chase on Thursday.  

The driver who hit the moose, Juan Noles, is injured, but he has a message for the community.

"Be more aware. Be more attentive on the road. If the road goes from bright to pitch black there's something in the way,” said Juan Noles.

The car Noles was driving crashed into a moose on Highway 81, north of Manvel.

"We were heading back from Ardoch went to visit the inlaws. My girlfriends parents. And we were heading back home here to Manvel.

And just kind of noticed that the road got kind of pitch black and I saw some lights towards the lower part of the road. And by the time I realized the moose was right up on us.”

“I hit the brakes and swerved but he kind of followed along with us, along with the vehicle. There was just no way of getting around him. He was too big,” said Noles.

The crash totaled the car and put Noles and his girlfriend in the hospital.

Today they're both at home, what their family calls, a miracle.

"She's getting some rest. It kind of broke her jaw and she had her mouth wired shut. I'm doing ok. I'm eating healthy. Trying to do little things around the house just to keep my blood going through my veins. Just to keep active,” said Noles.

He says the night of the crash -- all he remembers is seeing the lights disappear.

Before they knew it the moose was on top of the car.

"At that point it's kind of like blackout. When I came to I had the windshield pressed up against my face and part of the roof was caved in and scraped the top of my head here. And it kind of opened it up like a can of sardines. It was pretty terrible."

The moose was killed.

A Go-Fund-Me has been created to help the family with costs after the accident, including medical bills.

You can click here to see the Go-Fund-Me (NOTE: The Go-Fund-Me page contains a graphic photo of Noles after the accident).