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GF City Council making changes for voters

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- Following voter outrage, the city of Grand Forks is doing away with using a single polling location.

The Alerus Center was the only place voters could cast ballots for Arbor Park and a sales tax increase.

Despite providing free bus rides for the sales tax vote, many did not like having just one spot to vote.

Tonight the city council approved seven voting locations for June's primary and November's mid-term election.

"If we move voting away from people, we can't be surprised if people move away from voting. Although voters do have a responsibility on their own to participate, surely elected officials have a responsibility to look after their constituents right to vote," says Mary Weaver.

The Grand Forks City Council also passed its Inclusive Community resolution tonight.

The resolution says it will welcome everyone -- regardless of race, sexual identity, and orientation.

It's tweaked from a controversial version presented last week.

Several people spoke before the council took action tonight.  

“It was bittersweet that it had to have a sort of dumbing down I guess in order for the council to somewhat feel like it would be more understandable for us. The people that live this everyday and can't walk away from it, it was easy to understand," says Katie Dachtler.   

Tonight's vote was symbolic. The resolution is not an actual ordinance.