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Interstate safety tips for stalled cars

GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--As the temperatures continue to plunge, highway patrol officers say they're seeing more cars with mechanical problems.

The most common issue--cars stalling on the interstate.

The officers also have a few tips to keep you safe, if your car does clunk out on the road.

First, get to the right shoulder of the road, and here’s what you should consider before you get out of your car.

“It is always safest staying in your vehicles. Getting out and walking around makes other drivers nervous too, and there’s some inattentive driving--we all realize that with the texting and driving,” said Highway Patrol Officer, Lt. Troy Hischer.

And who should you call if you car stalls?

"You should only call 911 if it's a true emergency. If you have somebody who can help and come out on the interstate to help you, I would think you would call them first, or a tow truck. If you feel like you aren't in danger or anything, feel free to call a tow truck," said Lt. Hischer. 

However, if you do not feel confident about what to do next when your car stalls, North Dakota Highway Patrol suggest you call them, and they will assist in any way they can.